Welcome to my homepage.
Usually there are new pictures here every weekend. If not, I am probably just on the hunt for new motives.

Two new black & white pictures
No. 32
October 17th 2021
Page update 5
No. 31
October 16th 2021

- new Button added to mark clickable images:
    -> The Butten will be visible at clickable Images on the lower right corner
    -> Button added to the NEWS-Page
    -> Button added to the NEWSARCHIV-Pages
Two new Landscape pictures
No. 30
October 10th 2021
Two new flowers and plants pictures
No. 29
October 3rd 2021
Page update 4
No. 28
October 2nd 2021

- new contact page with form for easier communication added
- mail link added to menu bar
- added hoverdesign to logo and mail images in menu bar
Two new pictures of miscellaneous category
No. 27
September 26th 2021
Two new Time exposure pictures
No. 26
September 19th 2021
Two new Landscape pictures
No. 25
September 12th 2021
Two new pictures of the Potala Palace brick model
No. 24
September 5th 2021
Two new black & white pictures
No. 23
August 29th 2021
Two new winter pictures
No. 22
August 22th 2021
New equipment: Canon EF 70-300 F/4.0-5.6L IS USM
No. 21
August 15th 2021